Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas here in the Meagher house. It was a very white Christmas which we are not used to but we loved it. There is a lot of snow I would say we have 3 feet and it is still snowing right now with no sign of stopping all week. But anyway, this was our first Christmas by ourselves. We have always gone to one of the Grandparents houses. We really enjoyed being home, it was a lot of fun. Christmas morning we got up, opened stockings, then presents, called family, played and then got ready to go eat Christmas dinner. We drove up the mountain to my sister's and then to her in-laws to eat Christmas dinner. So I guess we weren't completely alone this year. Every one was way too good to us this year. We have been really tight on money and thought it would be a thin Christmas but because of all the people (who for some reason love us) it was a very fat Christmas. People I didn't even expect things from sent the boys gifts in the mail. Everyone's generosity really brings tears to my eyes. Thank you everybody for making this one of the best Christmases we have ever had!

Dad and Allen attempting to play in the snow. The snow is so deep it is hard for Allen to do much.
Allen playing in the cave the swing set made.

Daddy and Allen jumping off the porch into the snow.

Christmas Eve we acted out Jesus birth. This is us all dressed up. We had Allen be Joseph after much convincing. He really wanted to be Nephi from the Book of Mormon.

Carter and Allen got to open there Christmas p.j.'s the night before Christmas. Aren't the so cute?
Carter just looking cute.
On Christmas Eve Carter started taking some of his first steps. It was so awesome.

Wow, Santa came! We didn't put out any of our presents until after the boy went to sleep. So they were very excited to see this Christmas morning.
Our stocking (that Kevin's Mom made for us) after Santa filled them.
The boys opening there stockings.
Carter opening a gift from Grandma and Grandpa Tulett.

Allen opening gifts from Grandma and Grandpa Meagher.
Carter enjoying his new fire truck from Santa.

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