Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two of a Kind

Yes, I know that you recognize there faces. But here they are again. My boys just love being with each other. Carter was wearing his hat and Allen just had to wear his. Allen has also been complaining a lot about Carter crying in the night. So I sat down with him and had a talk. I told him that if it bothers him so much we could move him out of the room with Carter. Then they would have there own rooms. Allen started to cry and said "Carter loves being with me in our room. I don't want to move out." It was so sweet. Then we talked about some tricks he could use to not be bothered by Carter at night. So far no more complaints and everything has been going smooth again.

There they are the cutest boys I know.

Allen just got a "learn to play the harmonica" kit from Grandma Meagher. He does okay when he is trying but Carter thinks it's so funny that Allen can't stay focused for very long. Carter gave off one of the strongest belly laughs I have ever heard. He could hardly breath. I guess it's good to have a brother. Well it's at least funny.


Kimbie said...

your boys are stinking cute. I love it when babies laugh!!

Youngbergs said...

It's so sweet that they love each other so much already!

Crystyne said...

So cute, I love those belly laughs!