Sunday, December 7, 2008


Sorry it's taken me so long to do my Thanksgiving post. We forgot to take pictures of the food and the dinner anyways. So your really not missing much. But we did have a most excellent holiday. My parents and sister came over and stayed with my sister Denise for Thanksgiving. So we all got to spend it together. This year was also the first year that my family has ever let me help or bring any food. So I was way happy to be able to participate. Last year my mother-in-law had me help her with almost all of the dinner it was a lot of fun. So it cool to be able to help again. I brought a couple of veggie dishes, an apple pie, nanaimo bars, and some of my favorite kind of cookies. It turned out to be a really yummy dinner, everything that everyone made was so good. Allen got to say the Thanksgiving dinner prayer. He was very excited and did a pretty good job. He said many things he was thankful for. Oh and not to mention, on thanksgiving day all of the group got to go roller skating for free. It was Allen's first time. I think he had fun. All and all it was an awesome holiday.

This is Carter and Coda (my sister's dog). They have a real loving relationship... as long as it is through glass.

Grandma and Grandpa Tulett and Carter. They hung out a lot while we skated. Although my mother did go skating a little bit. She is a very brave 65 year old.

Cheryse took Allen around once and ended up just pulling him most of the way.

Allen when he first put on the skates. He was so excited to get them on but, when he did and couldn't really move I think he felt a little gypped.

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