Monday, December 20, 2010

Carter's Surgery

Carter has had so much going on lately but one of the most dramatic things he had done was getting his tonsils out. Because he is only 2, they did it in the children's hospital. They wanted him to stay overnight as well. The surgery itself only took about a 1/2 hour. Then he just tried to recover for the rest of the day in the hospital. He did very well. However by the end of the day he was bored of everything and very cranky. He had been smiling all day and eating/drinking really well so they decided to let us go home at about 7:30 that night. Which was nice except for the fact that Carter had already fallen asleep for the night. So after all the screaming settled down from waking him up we took him home and continued our journey to recovery from there. At home it was a little harder to get him to keep drinking and all. But over all I think he did really well and recovered smoothly.

Right after Carter got out of surgery they came and got me. When I got to him this is what he looked like. They told me that he had already woken up and he was screaming and fighting so much they had to sedate him again. When he woke up again I got to see what they meant. He was not a happy camper.
This is right after he calmed down and we got to the room. He has his popsicle and is watching his cartoons. Poor guy.
He really liked that the sound to the T.V. came out of the controller. He played with that for quite some time. In this picture you can also see his clubbed hand. Because he kept trying to pull out his I.V. they had to put a board on both sides of his hand and tape it down tight. They kept saying how strong he is and that made it so much more complicated.
Daddy called a couple of times and Carter really enjoyed talking on the phone. There wasn't a whole lot to do so it was a fun treat.
Well there he is, my brave boy. He survived his first surgery.

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