Thursday, December 30, 2010


Christmas was so much fun this year. My parents came for Christmas eve and morning. They also have an exchange student right now (Mimi). It was her first Christmas and so we did all the very traditional things. The night before, we told the story of Jesus birth and everyone had their part to play for it. Then Kevin read The Night Before Christmas and the kids opened there Christmas jammies. It was a lot of fun to watch them. They just get so excited. The kids then went off to bed and in the morning were super excited to see that Santa came. The presents were all opened and everyone felt so loved and special when we were done. There was a funny little story in there that I just can't help but tell. A few days ago my mother was telling a funny story about how an old friend had hurt her leg because she jumped out of her car and when she did the car turned and ran over her foot. My mother laughed hard while telling the story and Allen got upset. "Grandma!", he said "You shouldn't laugh at someones pain. That is naughty. Santa won't bring you any presents if you do things like that." Then on Christmas morning when Allen saw that Grandma got candy in her stocking. He said "Grandma look! Santa gave you presents even though you were naughty!" My mom just about died with laughter and couldn't help but tell everyone she talked to that day.

Mimi and the boys all dressed up in there Christmas jammies.
Dad reading The Night Before Christmas to the family.
Carter makes the funniest faces when he is trying to smile. Here he is saying "cheeeese."
I had to show you this one because it just makes him look so old. He is growing up too fast.
There is all the Christmas loot.
And in the dark.
Christmas morning. Rise and shine everybody!
Evan opening his stocking.
Allen and Carter opening there stockings.
Carter got some dress up superhero clothes for Christmas. The boys loved running around and fighting crime all morning.
Evan got a little book from his Uncle Bryan. He had a great time looking at the pictures and laughing.
What a cutie, huh?

This is just a little video of the boys fighting crime on Christmas morning. Superheroes don't take holidays.

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