Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Snow and Thanksgiving

Around Thanksgiving this year we got our first snow. The boys always love it when it snows. They had a really great time playing together and with dad. I, however, did not go out and play with them this time because it was my first year hosting Thanksgiving dinner. I made everything myself and when Kevin's mom came she was nice enough to help me cook it all. For how stressed out I was about it I think it turned out pretty awesome. I think everyone had a good time. However, I now think that Thanksgiving is a little overrated because I cooked and prepared for 3 days strait and in 15 minutes it was all over. Thanksgiving is really anticlimactic for the cook. Anyways with all the things I was doing on Thanksgiving I forgot to take any pictures. So I hope you enjoy the pictures from the first snow because that is all your going to get.

Always the first thing Allen has to do is make a snow angel. Carter tried to do one too this year. It is always cute seeing them laying in the snow.
Carter is all bundled up and ready to play. Most of the time Carter just likes to sit in the snow and eat it. We have to always make sure Carter is in a spot with clean snow.
Ahh and there is always a snowball fight. Carter got pretty good at it this year. He gave Allen and Dad a run for there money.

I just love this video. It shows how good Carter has gotten at snow ball fighting.

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