Friday, December 24, 2010

Ice Skating

We where invited to go ice skating by my family. We all met at the ice palace in the park downtown at 7:00. So we were going to be there long after the boys bed time so I was a little worried. Once we got out onto that ice though they just couldn't stop. They loved every minute of it. It took Allen a long time to get the hang of it. He was very determined and even though he bit the ice really hard a couple of times he wouldn't give up. I'm so proud of him. Carter (unlike his brother) took to the ice right away. That kid has some great balance. He was jumping and trying to skate on one foot by the end. Thankfully, my parents where there too because they took care of Evan the whole time. It's so nice to have them around. Ice Skating has became one of our favorite family activities now.

My two pro-skaters waiting for the Zamboni to finish cleaning the ice.
Carter's skates were so small and cute I couldn't get over it.
See, they're really small!
Evan was such a good baby that night. He just looked around at everything and then fell right to sleep for almost all of our time there.
By this time Carter was getting really tired but still didn't want to get off the ice. He was always first in line to get back on after the Zamboni was done.
Me and my guy.
There he is again. He is growing up so fast.
Carter was so sleepy that if he wasn't moving he was falling asleep.
Evan was the the holder of all the coats. It was super cold if you weren't skating but he stayed nice and warm.

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