Friday, November 21, 2008


I've been tagged. I normally don't do these things but I'm at a lack of things to blog about lately so why not. Thanks Sarah. Well, here it goes 6 quirky things about me in no particular order.

1. No matter in what context it is said, I always make a silly/weird face when someone says I look good.

2. I really like eye balls. I always play with mine and when I got married I learned the hard lesson that it's not okay to touch other people's. :(

3.I can't ever seem to keep my foot out of my mouth (figuratively not literally). When a thought pops into my head (most of the time I find the thought humorous) I can't help but say it. And about 40% of the time it offends someone or it was not appropriate at that particular moment in time.

4. When I'm around someone who speaks with an accent I start to speak like them without realizing it . Most of the time people think I'm just making fun of them but the truth is that I don't even know I'm doing it.

5. I really dislike having to use the toilet. I think it's a huge waste of my time. Besides it never fails that right as I have got into that spot, (you know the one) where you are just unbelievably comfortable on the couch, I have to pee extremely bad. And I can never find that comfortable spot again. It's seriously inconvenient.

6. When ever I see a living thing (like a plant or bug) I have to name it. All the plants in my house have names and I'm known for saying things like " Aaahh, poor Hector, he was on the way to visit his girl." Right after someone steps on a spider.

So there it is. There's some of my crazy for everyone to see. I think I'm supposed to tag 2 people now. So I tag Crystyne and Carlee, sorry guys. Lets here your quirks.


Youngbergs said...

I'm curious about how you "play" with your eyes. :)

PS Thanks for accepting the tag. :)

Crystyne said...

Gee, thanks for tagging me. I'll have to think about this one.
Do you have names for my plants?