Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Tulett's

We took a short visit to the coast last weekend and saw most of my family and some friends in the area. We had a great time. It really made us miss that part of Washington. We will always love it over there.We got to see my parent's new house. It was really cute and felt super cozy. This is Grandma and the boys snuggling after waking up from there naps.
Because we have had so many birthdays in this month and last month we had a big party. All my family in the area came. It was a ton of fun.
All the kids eating there cupcakes at the table. Audrey looks like she has a milk mustache.
Yummy cupcake!
I'm pretty sure all Audrey ate was the icing. But she looks like she liked it.
Grandpa requested that Carter get to eat his own cup cake. He liked it!
He got pretty messssy.
And then there were some presents. A cool activity book and some sticky catching hands for Allen and an outfit and a book for Carter.
The sticky catching hands.

The kids all had a great time trying to figure out how to get the hands to work. Everyone else had a great time laughing at there attempts. All in all he had a great time with my family.

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Crystyne said...

Don't miss it too are NEVER moving back. (only cuz you have to stay here to keep me sain)