Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Carter!

Carter turned one on March 20th. It does not seem like he has been a baby for very long. He is so determined to grow up I swear he missed the baby stage all together. This is a picture of him shortly after he came home from the hospital. He was such a cute little guy. And now he is really a little man. He loves to run, jump, squeal, and babble. He really brings a lot of laughs and joy to our home. I don't even remember what life was like before he came to live with us. I love you my little boy. Happy first Birthday!

Carter got this Mariners hat for his birthday. Dad picked it out for him all by himself. And doesn't he just look so handsome in it?
Allen wrapped all the presents and wrote who they were from on them. We didn't even help him. He knows how to spell and write each name. This one says Mom, Dad, and Allen.
Carter and I opening presents. He had just opened the one from Dad that had the hat in it.
Allen was so excited for Carter's birthday that he made several pictures for him. All with Carter's name on them along with some presents and birthday cake. It was really cute, but Carter had a hard time being the center of attention.
Allen's gift to Carter was a wobbly penguin. Who is about to get punted across the floor.
His last gift was his swing to put on the swing set. The first time we put him in it and pushed there was nothing but a look of shear terror on his face. But once he realized nothing bad was going to happen he really had a blast in it. So much that he cried when it was time to get out.
The happy swinging kid with his bat that is his new favorite toy. He carries it everywhere.
The only time he lets go of the little bat is when it is being upgraded for a bigger one. After we did the swinging, Allen wanted to play baseball (big surprise). So we all played a little baseball in the yard and Carter got a few lessons from his big brother.
He hit the ball so far the first time he couldn't even see where it went.

Here is a video of one of Allen's baseball lessons for Carter.
This is Carter's wicked awesome Golf Cart Cake. Carter has really loved playing with Allen's golf set lately so Kevin thought that he would make him a golf bag cake. Well we didn't have the stuff to make that one but we did to make this one. So, Dad made this cake for Carter. I think it is way cool.
The back end.
And a side shot.
To eat the cake and play a little we went to our friends, the Border's, house. This is Crystyne and Carter as we sang Happy Birthday.

This is the video of us singing happy birthday to Carter and his big brother helping him blow out the candle.
Carter loved his cake, and thought it was tasty too.
Mmm finger lickin' good.

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Lecour Family said...

oh my goodness, he is already one. That is so crazy. you know what else that means?? has been over a year since we have seen you guys. i can' believe that either. Miss you guys.