Monday, March 2, 2009

Daddy's 31st Birthday

Kevin had his 31st birthday on Sunday. We had an awesome time together Saturday. We all went shopping for Dad's presents and that night Kevin and I went on a date. Nothing seemed to turn out as planned but, we had a lot of fun together. For our date we ended up eating at P.F. Chang's, then went and saw a movie. I won't tell you the name of it to save Kevin embarrassment. It was all really good though. The next day (on Kevin's birthday) Allen, Carter and I let Dad sleep in and when he woke up we gave him his presents. Allen was super excited and so was Kevin. Carter didn't really know what was going on. He got a watch, pillow, shirts, swedish fish, mints, and some razor blades. Then Allen and I made his cake and off we went to church. When we got home we had the dinner of Dad's request, Cajun chicken, red spuds with ranch seasoning, and corn. Then we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY and ate the cake. It was a really awesome two days. Happy Birthday Kevin we love you. Sorry the pictures are kind of out of order but at least there up there right?
Carter thought that cake was finger licking good.
Who me? I didn't eat any cake.
Carter going at the cake.
Dad going at the cake
Kevin eating Dad.
The boys blowing out Dad's candles.
Singing Happy Birthday.
Dad with his spectacular cake that Allen and I made.

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Crystyne said...

Happy Birthdy old man!

I love the one of Carter's face up close!