Wednesday, March 11, 2009

6th of 6th

Well, here it is my tag. The 6th picture file and the 6th picture in it. This is Kevin in a mini musical play at Bellevue Community College. He is playing Nicely Nicely from Guys and Dolls and singing Sit Down Your Rocking The Boat. Poor Kevin, he is not going to be so happy that he was in the picture. Oh well. I tag Crystyne, Jamie, and Jynessa. Hope yours isn't as embarrassing as this one will be to Kevin.


Crystyne said...

So I am literally trying not to laugh too hard and pee my pants! I didn't think the picture was all that funny until I clicked on it to make it bigger. Then I could really see the picture, and all the glory of Kevin's wonderful face with his mouth WIDE open! Mason was in the bathroom washing his hands and he yelled out to me "Hey what is that loud laughing noise!?" That of course made me laugh even harder. I now have to mentally block that image out of my mind or I start to laugh again (there I go again!)

PS thanks for taging me- I knew you were going to tag me before I got to that part.

Bridget said...

I just saw Nicely Nicely sing this song tonight...of course it was a different one than you've pictured here...but I'm glad I know the character and song you're talking about.