Thursday, November 13, 2008


Normally, I put Allen in the bath or shower and help him for about half an hour or so. Then once he is out, all dressed, and everything it's time to start the process over with Carter. So, the other day I had an epiphany, put the boys in the bath together. I know... not rocket science, right? It has been really great. They absolutely love to play together in the water. It's so cute. Well, here are some pictures of the new exciting event that saves me a lot of time.

The boy with matching soap Mohawks.
I just really love Allen's face in this picture. Kevin thinks he looks like my nephew Tyrel.
There are my cute boys!


Youngbergs said...

Those pictures are so cute! What adorable boys!

Lecour Family said...

They are adorable. And getting so big. HOw are you all doing?

Crystyne said...
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Crystyne said...

Wow! Corrine- what a novel idea!
Too cute! You gotta love those boys.

Kimbie said...

Thats so fun! I had to do the "two separate" bath process too, but when My little boy was crawling, I put them in together. But occasionally I bathe them separate still.

kaitlyn said...

that is way cute, i am sure you are happy that you figured that one out... ;) it will save a lot of time!