Monday, November 3, 2008


So here it is, Halloween night. We were planning on going to the church to do some "trunk or treating" but, to our surprise no one was there. So off we went to Cheryse's house to trick or treat around there neighborhood. This year was Allen's first time trick or treating door to door. He had a blast. It was so much fun to watch him. Every house that he saw he would say "Let's go to that one! Let's go to that one!" and then bolt off in a dead sprint. Carter could have cared less. He was so tired but didn't cry the whole time. Allen was very polite and thoughtful. He said "trick or treat" every time and when they gave him candy he would say "thank you". And as he was leaving he would say "Have a Happy Halloween!" to each person. It was really cute. Here they are! My boys as we were on our way out to trick or treat.
As we went house to house people would say "Oh, look a firemen." then Allen would inform them "No, I'm not really a fireman I'm just a boy in a costume." It was really funny.

Carter the lobster also carried a little bag to get candy in. Not for himself but for me, of course.

Here is Allen with all his loot. He was so excited.

The boys together eating there candy. Well, Carter is just sucking on the wrappers but is just as happy.

Carter was sucking on this tootsie roll so quietly and happily for so long it got me a little suspicious. When I went over to check on him, I noticed that he had gotten the wrapper off the top. He had been sucking to the candy the whole time. No wonder he was so quiet and happy.

This is Allen trick or treating. He had said "Have a happy Halloween" so many times he became tongue tied.

When we got home he had nothing left. Dad carried him in from the car and he just flopped on the bed like a dead fish. So I would say it was a pretty good night.

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