Sunday, November 16, 2008


I was busy over Halloween and so I didn't get to write about this when it really happened. I thought oh well the time has past so I just won't. But seeing as I'm still dealing with the affects of the event I will tell you all about it. It started Halloween morning we were all rushing around and get things ready for Kevin's parents to visit. We were getting the house cleaned, putting up an extra bed, buying food for the weekend and, doing yard work. Well, as I said it was a little busy and so by the time we got home and were ready to do the yard work it was lunch time and had just started to rain. So, Kevin fed the kids and put them to bed while I started doing some of the work outside. The more I worked the harder it rained but it only took me about 3 hours to get it all done. Especially since once Kevin thought the kids had fallen asleep he came out to help. As soon as we were done and stepped in the door the rain miraculously stopped and out came the bright golden sun. I did a little bit of complaining but was to tired to give it much effort seeing how all morning I was deep cleaning my house and shopping. Well, that's about the time I noticed that Allen was awake. Kevin went in our room (where Allen was sleeping) and says "Oh Allen NO!" So I went in to see what the was matter, Kevin was holding an empty Windex bottle. Strange, I could have sworn that bottle was full when I was using it earlier. That's when my "Oh Allen NO!" flew out. He had taken the whole bottle of Windex and sprayed it on every base board molding around my room, all over the pack and play I had set up in there, and all over the windows (I had just washed) so that it had dripped down the walls and into the carpet. The smell was overpowering and everything was starting to feel a little water logged. Not to mention it was staining things blue. But when as I was cleaning it all up the heater kicks on. I looked at Kevin and said "Do you smell something burning?" Then before he could answer I ran to the heater and turned it off. Kevin took the face plate off and black liquid ran down. Yes, Allen had also sprayed it in the heater. That was like the straw the broke the camels back. It was just a couple of hours till we were supposed to go trick or treating and there was no way I was going to be able to clean up everything, make dinner, get kids in costumes, drive to were we were supposed to go, and be there on time. Or at least so I thought at the time. I could have killed the kid. I had to walk in the other room take some deep breaths and decide what were the most important things to get done. Luckily I made the right choices. We made a quick dinner and sped safely of to do some trick or treating. And everything ended up okay. But still to this day I'm finding different spots in my room were Allen had sprayed it with Windex and we didn't notice. What a crazy kid.


Youngbergs said...

Agh, that sounds awful! I don't know what I would've done. Way to stay calm. It'll certainly be memorable. (And I love the part where you "sped safely." :))

Crystyne said...

Don't ya just love the smell of windex?