Friday, November 7, 2008

Baths, Pizza and Race Cars

There hasn't been a ton of happenings lately since we have all been sick for week or so. Although our family always finds fun things to do no matter what. With kids like ours we never lack for laughs. But it seems like this last week there is always someone sleeping. So Carter has to take baths without his tub and Allen can't always play with the toys he wants to. We are all starting to feel better now though so hopefully life will get more exciting. Anyways here are some cute and fun things that have happened this last week.
Allen was taking a long nap and Carter was in need of a bath so in the sink he went. He had a blast. It was very cute.
Allen taking his long nap while Carter was in the sink. My baby has gotten so big all of a sudden. I love my little Allen.
Later in the week we went over to our friends the Borders house to play. This is Mason, Allen says he is his new best friend. It's really nice that he has another little boy to connect with. He has never had one before. Here they have made there own dinners. Yummy pizza.

This was just really cute to me. When I was little we would do this race car thing in my family. Where someone would lay on the ground and a little kid would get on and go for a race car ride. I have really fond memory's of that. So it was a lot of fun to see my little family doing it.

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