Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friday night we went to the Mariner's game for one of our last hurrahs on this side of the mountains. It was a whole lot of fun. Allen's face light up when we first went up the stairs and saw the field. He was beside himself with excitement. Dad pointed out who Jose Lopez and Ichiro were. Allen, jumping up and down, responded by saying "Wow that's my favorite Mariner!" It was really cool to see Allen so excited. And also it was lunch box night which was way cool. So Allen and Carter got Mariner lunch boxes. It was a really great night.
When J.J. Putz came in to close the game they play "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC. Allen went crazy and kept yelling "Thu-nder!" over and over throughout the entire song. We won which is always a plus. We will miss all the fun things to do over here. Where are we? Oh yeah, that's right.
Carter wearing Allen's Mariners hat at the game. Isn't he such a cutie?
Allen really wanted to catch a foul ball and was really sad that none came even close to us. But he always had his mitt out when one was hit.
Carters snoozing in mom's lap. He was such a good baby that night. He didn't even cry once with all the noise (Corrine didn't cry either!) And about half way through it fell fast asleep.
Daddy, Allen, and Uncle Bryan having a blast watching the game. Just look how happy they are.

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Kaitlyn said...

Hahaha.... i am responding to your comment on our blog. Our blinds go both up and down so we leave them down and then can adjust the top as high or low as we want them (so we can let some light in but the neighbors can't see everything). Anyway, so the blinds were CLOSED.

Looks like you guys have had a fun week with all the family!