Saturday, August 30, 2008

So this weekend is crazy busy. Allen and I are going to be in my best friend's wedding. No, not the movie but actually my best friend's wedding. Amelia (my best friend) is getting married next weekend on the 6th. So all of today we have spent running around getting Allen fitted for his tux and all of that kind of wedding stuff. Also because I'm in the wedding it was mandatory for me to attended her bachelorette party. Because I was coming they toned it down a whole bunch for me. Which I really appreciated. It was up near my parents house so Friday night we drove all the way up and then I spent all night out with the girls. It made for a really long day. I kinda had fun. Not to mention the fact that our little family is moving east of the mountains this weekend. So I'm trying to pack mad fast and do all this wedding prep stuff before we go. Well as most of you know, when ever you are trying to do something big (like move) everything always goes wrong at first. Well, this time everything won't stop going wrong. But, that's ok no point is getting all worked up about it, right? What's gonna happen is gonna happen. But it just makes for a really busy busy weekend. There are very few people that I would go through all this trouble for and my girl, Amelia, is on the top of that list. I just can't wait to see her married and all happy. Se really deserves it. Well ,anyways we will keep you posted on how the move went and all. It might not be for a bit thought because we will have to get the Internet and all that stuff hooked up in the new house first. So until then. This will be it... I think.

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