Sunday, August 3, 2008

For a family home evening we went to a baseball field it was a blast Allen and Carter hit some balls it was so much fun and we all had a great time. It was super windy that day so trying to take the pictures was a little hard. My hair kept getting in the way. But we did get some good shots. I think we will do this family night again.

Allen slamming the ball out of the park. Well almost, in this picture he actual hit the tee but it was only one of the few times. And of course this is the best swinging picture.
My boys on the field together. They don't look like there Dad much do they?
Me and my little bum. He looks so thrilled to be getting his picture taken.
Carter just crushing the ball like always. And Dad is just so proud.
Our family behind home plate. Aren't we so cute? We just figured out how to take a timed picture so this is our first attempt.

This is Allen's sweet double. He is still learning to drop his bat and that you have to touch all the bases (with your feet). But his sliding is getting to be really good. So watch out Ichiro!

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Lecour Family said...

You guys all look so happy. The boys are getting big fast. You are looking really good. how is everything?!