Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It has been really hot this week. (Well, for this area.) So we decided to take the boys to Kevin's Uncles house on the water. It was going to be Carters first swimming experience. We were all really excited about it until we started swimming. Allen's head went under water for just a minute and he freaked out. He didn't even want to go near the water after that. Dad finally got him to go in one more time and swim to the water trampoline. But he was not happy about it. So we gave up on him and took Carter in the water and wouldn't ya know he screamed too. His little toes had just barely touched the water and the whaling began. So my favorite thing to do is apparently torture to my children. Oh were have I gone wrong.

At the beginning Carter was really excited and happy to be in his swimming outfit.
Allen after the underwater trauma.
You can't tell here but Carter has just started to cry.
Dad got Allen out on the water trampoline but as you can see he is still non to happy.
Once we got Carter back to the blanket. There was nothing but smiles and laughs. Even after all the tears. So it gives me hope for the future.

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