Monday, August 4, 2008

We went to see the Blue Angels on the last day of Sea Fair. Allen was so excited and we found a nice little park laid down our blanket and had some lunch. Then as we were eating the planes started flying. They really do some cool things. And a couple of times they flew really low right over us. Allen would wave like crazy every time. It was cute. He was so excited about the planes that he didn't tell us he had to go potty. So by the time I noticed and asked him he really had to go. Dad and I started looking around for a bathroom and when we looked back at Allen, he had just dropped his pants and let it fly right in the middle of everyone. And what do you do in that situation? Stop him? Well all I could do was hysterically laugh and say "Oh Allen please don't do that again." Boys just don't seem to care about those kinds of things and I have two of them. Lucky me! But they do keep you laughing.

Carter chilling on the blanket in the shade.
The planes.
Allen completely glued to the sky. Checking out the planes.

This was one of the coolest tricks the planes did.

Commentary with Allen about seeing and experiencing the plane show.

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