Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandma Meagher! This posts for you on your special day. We are all so sad we couldn't be there with you today. But this is just to show that we have been thinking of you. We all love you and miss you already. Hope your day has been fun. We love you, happy birthday.

With Love Your Favorite People


Me and My Boys said...

Cute family! So you have two little boys also? they are a blast, we love them so. Are you guys in Bellingham?

Meagher Family said...

Thanks, I think my family is cute too. We have a lot of fun with our boys. No we don't live in Bellingham anymore. We did for a bit then had a kid and moved to Lynden. And last year moved to Bellevue. But just about 2 weeks ago we moved again. This time to Spokane. We love the state of Washington just can't find exactly were we want to be. This place feels right though. At least for right now.

Me and My Boys said...

Ha thats great the saftey kids, I totally remember that. Spokane huh? thats a cool city, we like it there.