Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm so excited that I now live next to my sister Denise. She is really into canning and food storage and that kind of thing. So now I get to pick her brain and work with her to get my food storage together. We did some salsa yesterday. It was really fun. Although it was long and today I have a new callus on my finger from chopping so many tomatoes. I got 22 jars and it only cost me $16.50. I think that to buy a quart size of salsa in the store it would be around $5.00 for one. So that makes it a lot cheaper and it tastes better too. Well anyways, here are some pics from my salsa experience.

The salsa all canned up and ready to eat. Isn't it just beautiful?

Carter was a really good baby all day and night. Just look at how much fun he is having.
Here's Cheryse operating on the jalapeno peppers. Scalpel, stat! But with a smile.
Myself chopping tomatoes. Yeah, I really am that special.
Allen did really well that day too. But he kept asking if he could have a friend. Cheryse filled in when she could.

The boys got a little jealous when I was taking a pic of the salsa so here are the boys with the salsa. Carter really was having a good time sitting there although it looks like he was just caught stealing the salsa. Well there are our salsa experience pic.

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Lecour Family said...

Carter is geting so big i can't believe it. He looks alot like allen i think. Good job on the canning thing. WE have been freezing stuff but haven't canned anything.