Tuesday, September 9, 2008

So in the first week we have been here in our new town we haven't done much but unpack and get the phone hooked up and all that kind of stuff. But on Wednesday we decided to give ourselves a little bit of fun time. So we drove way out in the middle of nowhere to this little petting farm the my nieces Kayle and Tosha work at. We were given a private tour for free. It was really good for Allen to get out and do something fun. He was getting a little cabin fever. We saw all sorts of animals and had a good time.

Allen and Cheryse with Taluce the goose. Her and Allen had a great game of tag. It lasted for at least 15 minutes until Cheryse assisted.

There was a bunch of baby bunnies there. They were very cute. Here Allen is trying to feed it some food. It wasn't very interested. Allen and I wall looking at the pictures to put on the blog named them Browny, Spotty, Blacky, Cotton Tail, and Herbert Nininger.

Allen was acting up so we decided to cage him. No, I don't think you can see him but he was playing with the little kittens.

Here Carter is making fun of the llama's face. He had so much fun with that llama. That kid just cracks me up sometimes.

After we had seen all the animals Allen and the girls feed them some hay. This chicken was really into the food.

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