Friday, September 26, 2008

Allen just loves doing anything that Dad is doing. And Dad has been doing a lot of studying lately. So Allen will grab his computer and pull it up right next to Dad. It is just the cutest thing to walk in on. Allen has been very good at letting Dad study. But when he just can't stand to not have Dad's attention he will do something like that with the computer, read one of his books or sit and practice his writing. He has been so good about all the changes our family has done lately. I, on the other hand, am having a little bit of a hard time having Kevin just in the other room and leaving him alone, especially when the kids have gone to bed. I think I'm just going to need a really great book to read or something. Then I could have something that I could do right next to him. Not so diffrent from what Allen does. Children are the best teachers I guess. So if anyone has a really great book that they love or just like or whatever let me know and so I can give it a try. That would be great.
Just look how hard the are both working. There faces are just so serious.
This picture of Allen makes me laugh. This is his face he gets when you say smile for the camera.


Joey and Kimbie said...

if you haven't read the twilight series... I recommend it.

Kaitlyn said...

i am not sure what kind of books you like but:

i love anything by david baldacci (mystery/action)
the Historian is supposed to be pretty good but i haven't read it.
the glass castle jeanette walls
water for elephants sara gruen (a little dark)
the davinci code/angels and demons
snow flower and the secret fan lisa see
the count of monte cristo
a thousand spendid suns/the kite runner khaled hosseni

hope this helps! if you have a certain kind of book you like let me know and i will think of more for you! good luck!