Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The weekend after we moved, my best friend Ameila got married. As I said earlier, Allen was the ring bearer and I was a bridesmaid. So, we drove back for her wedding on Vashon Island. We got to Kevin's parents late Friday night and then woke up at 5am Saturday morning so we could be over there by 8. So, it made for a really long day. But we had a great time despite our sleepiness. Allen was so cute in his tux I just couldn't get over it. Well here are our pics from the fun day at the wedding.

Allen and Ann blowing bubbles while all the girls got ready for the wedding. Ann was one of the brides maids and one of my new favorite people. She is so funny!

Amelia going crazy putting flowers together before the wedding. She did all her own flower arrangements. We all tried to help but it took a long time and who would have thought that flower tape was so sticky.

Ameila getting her last touches put on before the wedding. Doesn't she look so pretty.

Our little ring bearer and the twin flower girls. They all looked so cute together.

Me and one of the groomsmen walking down the aisle. It felt really weird having my arm around anyone besides Kevin. At least he was married too.

Allen and the girls walking down the aisle.

Ameila and her dad walking down the aisle. Daddy and daughter looking so cute.

Allen had to stand at the front during the whole wedding. He did such a great job. His feet didn't move once.

And now you may kiss the bride.

It was so funny everyone threw bird friendly rice and just as this pic was taken one went in her eye. (or is he really excited and she just realized she made the biggest mistake of her life?) No, no, no, she is really just as excited as he is, but this pic cracks me up.

Ameila can never just smile for pics. We tried really hard to get her to practice but this is probably the best smile I got.

Allen and one of the flower girls waiting for there turn to get pics taken.

Allen was probably the most popular person at the wedding. He was asked to dance by ladies of all ages. They all just loved to watch him shake his grove thing.

By the end of the day Allen had it. He was so good all day but as soon as we got to the car he crashed hard and didn't wake up again until morning.


Lecour Family said...

I am glad to hear you guys are doin well. Looks like you all had a great time at the wedding and seems you are getting settled in your new area. It feels like i haven't seen you forever.

Kaitlyn said...

you look gorgeous and allen is ADORABLE! what a little stud!

The Tulett Family said...

Allen's dancing is so hilarious! I wish I could've seen it in person. Love all the pictures!