Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I love to document my kids firsts at things. (As every parent does.) And here are some of my boys firsts lately. We went to a park near Cheryse's house and they had a baby swing and a tire swing. Carter rode a real swing for the first time and Allen had a first on the tire swing. Carter also has just started to really enjoy his baths. It is very cute and wet to watch him. And...what for it... the big news is Carter has just started to crawl! Carter just turned 6 months and is now a mobile baby. He is so proud of himself.

Carter on the swing. Not that you could tell but his feet were kicking about hundred miles an hour.
Cheryse and Allen on the tire swing. They both got really dizzy and had lots of fun.
Me and my boys.
Cheryse and Allen going down the slide. Don't they look so cute. (You just have to love Allen's smile for the camera face. All our pictures of him look like that lately.)
Oh how he loves being nude lately.
Splishing and a splashing
Allen loves to help bathe Carter. Sometime it's more help then anyone would ever want. But it is cute to see them playing together never the less.

Here is what all the grandmas have been waiting for. THE CRAWLING CARTER! He is making progress so fast every day he gets more stable and faster.


Lecour Family said...

you guys are so cute! You really like your hair. You look great! How is everything going over there?

Heidi & Ty said...

Your family looks great! Hope you're all doing well.
Ty Fowler